When you pray “Please help me see Your Best Plan for my happiness”, remember that you not only do not know exactly how it exists or will happen, but you do not know where and who else will be involved.  Trust .Trust the All-in-All, and keep in your awareness that your thoughts being tuned to the Ever-Presence ‘Good is key.

            If God is Ever-Present, and It IS, then your happiness is already available in the Ever-Presence of Thoughts that Know All and Imagine and Create All.  Trust ‘ stay open to seeing and experiencing happiness, and do not limit by imagining that you know better than the All-in-All where, when, how, or with whom, that happiness will fill you beyond measure.

            Look for It now.  Look, and find It in small things, and in Grand things, and make it your mission to be a feeler of Joy, and an acceptor of happiness Created by, and offered by, the Grand Good-Maker,

                                                                        Open your Spiritual Eyes, and See Good now,



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