Red road or higher path

For those who are already on the Higher Path (or Red Road as some may call it) you are learning to

harness your abilities to shapeshift – move in and out of the worlds.

You too are learning how to do this and you are receiving direct

instructions through the dream-state (night time dreams). Soon, you too

will be able to shapeshift your bodies, move in and out of various

worlds and dimensions and so much more. You might be seeing glimpses of

this with people reporting various time-slip experiences, suddenly

seeing people or animals appear out of “nowhere”, or seeing people or

objects suddenly disappear, seeing more ships of light that appear and

disappear, and more. This is partially due to the great SHIFT that is occurring as well as your spiritual evolution of learning how to

shapeshift. You are seeing that you are not just bodies . . . you are

spirit in Truth, one with everything.

Namaste ✨🙏

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