Decide what has more meaning

Signs and messages from the Universe are a co-creation; an agreement that you make with your Angels, guides, the Ascended Masters, Animal Spirit Guides and Elementals. You decide what has meaning for you, and they provide the messages in the language you understand. In order to receive even more messages, you are simply required to decide what has meaning for you, and then be super aware and observant of your environment. You can actually have fun with it!

Your other option is to be completely open and receptive to what is coming in to you, knowing that the Universe is constantly and continually communicating with each and every one of us, and use all of your senses to detect patterns and repetition. If in doubt, all you have to do is literally ask for clarity… and it will be granted!

Think about it for a moment… what are your signs? Feathers, ravens, owls, rainbows, specific coins? A particular scent or song? A word or sequence of numbers? Decide right now what you would like confirmation on and how you might like it to come to you… and then get supersensory and receive the signs! As you get better at finding the signs and messages, they will come more frequently. Watch the full creativity of the Universe as it plays one of it’s most favourite games with you.

All favorable, all in the Highest Good.

All to guide you in Love and Light.

And so it is.


7 thoughts on “Decide what has more meaning

      1. Sometimes i feel that the people afraid the “light”….
        But they say … that they are searching for it…

        Do you agree????


      2. Agree to a point .. we have light . We have dark for a reason . We have lessons to learn here . If there wasn’t dark life would be boring . Some only notice the dark though and fixate on this bringing in more . If we focus on light when anything is going on around us we only THINK is dark there is always light in there why this happened to bring about something good .. for instance I was attuned to reiki then did all the Munay ki rites ( shamanic healing ) I went on to study Thai hand and foot massage but at time was working in nursing … I then found I had cancer behind my eye .. had the treatment . Focused on my own self healing .. gave up nursing and now focus entirely on healing others as well as self .. the way I looked at it was I probably never would of taken it up more deeply if was so focused on nursing at that time .. since I closed doors on that . Many others have opened . Oh and am all clear now .. yayyy .. there was many many signs along the way . I said to my daughter in her 20s who a month ago dropped her mobile phone in water and she felt the world had dropped . She took mine for a few days until got hers sorted . I said to her . Have you a roof over head .. yes she said .. I said have you food to eat every day .. yes she said .. are you warm . Comfortable at night .. yes she said .. and I reminded her about all the third world countries .. the homeless . Ect and she suddenly clicked and said .. and ime moaning about not having my mobile for few days .. this I always have in mind when any dark enters around .. we all have light . We just need to remember to speak . Use it . Feel it . Sense it . The fact is most people already have it but just don’t realise it .. until one day things just go aha and click xxx

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      3. Τhank you so much for your answer!! I couldn’t agree more ..

        I send you a translated poem to thank you!!!

        Through the darkness,
        you can see the light.
        Through the light,
        you can see the black birds.
        Through a sewer,
        you can see the smile of the day.
        Through the rain of the day,
        you can see the rainbow.
        Through a huge tunnel,
        you can hope for a drop of snow.
        Through a mountain,
        you can hope for a vast plain.
        Through a black picture,
        you can see the white touches of the painter.
        Through the depths of your soul,
        you can see such a smile……

        Poem by Tasos Ritos

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