Ohh the energies coming through with this coming good Fridays egg moon ( aka ) pink full moon . We are in for a treat . we will finally have time to step away from stress and embrace calm focus and creativity. Anything is possible, and we are encouraged to look at every aspect of our lives with new eyes. Don’t take anything, or anyone for granted, look at every detail and find the love. See the people around you and everything they do for you on a daily basis. Look for the opportunities that present themselves to you in unexpected ways. Listen to the messages in your dreams and watch for signs and messages all around you as you receive Divine guidance and inspiration from your angels and guides.

Animals are a powerful resource for you at this time. Be aware of your encounters with animals and birds, as they may have something special to share with you. Leave the electronics behind and spend some time outside observing the abundance of nature around you, holding the intention to strengthen your connection to your higher self and Mother Gaia.

This is a magical time and the Universe is asking that you come out and play. Yayyyy xx

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