Notice beauty

Happy vibes to you weekend all <>

Notice beauty

There’s infinite beauty surrounding you at ALL times , it holds great POWER that YOU Can tap into and benefit from. As you notice this beauty it immediately lends you its energy . You may find it in natures colours , in your intentions with others , or in human creations . You might . Also notice it in the way that experiences synchronistically line up so that you can see the divine order in everything that happens to you .

Your a BEing of beauty ..great beauty . With your glowing light .you take our breathe away , your loving intentions ,and the radiant blessing you bring to others . This shines in your smile ,face,posture , actions , and heart .

Dedicate today to beauty . As you keep it in mind throughout the day , you,ll automatically spread it wherever you go. This force purifies your thoughts , emotions . And intentions . As you realize that its divine ___ and that everyone and everything is part of one beautiful spirit ..namaste ✨🙏

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