Spirit hears your appeals for the healing of thought, relationship, or circumstance. And once you relinquish control to Loving Spirit, adjustments begin.

Trust that Spirit knows best not only the good timing of these , but the order of them. You might be praying for assistance with a concern with your breathing, but be led to reconsider how your thinking is filled with self -pressure from too many long lists of things to do. As you surrender obsessive human expectation of what must be done each day, you might find that a painful cramping of the toes is healed, and then feel your breathing and heartbeat become easy. And you might simultaneously find that your patience with others is stronger.

Spirit sees Wholeness, and sees the whole picture. It can be a relief to simply pray for Guidance in aligning ALL your thoughts and perceptions and priorities, and trust it all just as Source Goodness would see it happen.

, to the Heart of Love’s Wisdom,


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