Focus on good . Appreciate beauty

gratitude is the doorway you must step through to receive them. Using all of your senses to appreciate the beauty and abundance all around you will draw more of the same to you. 

We focus so much on what we don’t want, and can’t figure out why we keep getting more and more of it despite our efforts to ward it off, yet we don’t see how responsible we are for the creation of our own reality. We want to lose weight and yet obsess about how fat we feel, feeling guilty whenever we eat (which charges the food with negative, unwanted energies instead of positive nurturing ones by the way). We feel poor and angry not to be rich, but we refuse to see that our anger, frustration, worry and doubt in ourselves to be capable of changing this reality…. keeps us poor. 

As we change the way we see our lives, and appreciate the things that we do have, we create the ability to manifest more of what we want. Yes, it really is that simple. Focus on good, get more good. Focus on bad, get more bad. You really can’t pare it down any more than that to make it understandable for anyone who feels they are a victim, and not a creator. Change your thoughts, change your life. Change your attitude, change your life. Anything and everything is possible and Archangel Uriel is here to tell you that you have everything you need to create the life of your dreams and desires. Starting right now.

What is it you really, really want, more than anything else in the world. Is it really money, or is it joy, which you would have if money was no longer an issue. Who is in charge of your destiny, have you handed that over to someone else, or is it in your hands, supported by the Divine? What can you change, today, right now, that would make a difference?

If you look back over the posts I have written, we are encouraged to be joyful, peaceful, centered and grounded. We are asked to have faith, trust and belief. We are celebrated for our unique talents and abilities, and asked to share our gifts with the world. We are reminded to raise our vibrations each and every day… and every time we do we get a little closer to the higher consciousness we desire. These messages are only written by me, I am the messenger. This is your Divine Guidance. We must work together, seeing the beauty and joy in the world around us. We must know that individually and together we can make a difference. We must shrug off fear and doubt, replacing them with love, acceptance and peace. We must strive to create a joy that starts within and radiates out. This is our abundance, and all the rest is icing on the cake.

Abundance is here now, can you see it? Are you excited? I hope so!!


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