Focus on what you want, but don’t get all caught up in the expectations… hmmm how do you process that? One of the most powerful tools I have used is to ask the Universe for “this or something better,” which allows some space for my socks to be blown off in the process! We are such limited thinkers, us humans! And we try so hard to colour in the lines that we sometimes lose the magic in the process. What if you were so busy colouring in the lines on your little printed out mandala, and the Universe brought in a mural the size of a bill board! That is how fast things can happen and sometimes we think we know what’s best, but we really just want the feeling that goes along with it. 

So, when you set your intention and start taking steps towards creating your dreams, always leave some wiggle room for surprises, miracles and gifts from the Universe along the way. Keep in mind that the journey itself is where the magic of the lesson lies. And that no matter what you think you want, the Universe can conjure up something even better!


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