Reading for month March/19


Angel’s have something exciting to share with you ,  YOU are a manifesting master and most HUMANS don’t even know it yet , there will always be enough of EVERTHING that you need in your life — money**opportunities ** love ** kindness** so whatever you ask guidance about , have FAITH and  be open to the many ways in which you will experience prosperity . Spirit is the source of your supply !     

The universe is always reflecting back to you what you believe . So whenever you fall into insecurity , you will be shown an illusion as if your fear were real , but the truth is that the universe is abundant . You are and always have been enough , and abundance is your natural state.  If you can imagine something consistently as truth , you CAN and WILL  create it , simple ,

You are so on the right path you are meant to be on . Keep believing , then the seeing happens .

  Sense what feels right to YOU, trust your own judgement and act on it , angel guidance is always to look  at the people and situations in your life in the NOW and respond to your gut feelings . Learn to develop your intuition and ask guides/ your angels to help you discover good from bad,  they will always guide you , you will feel safer * happier* stronger* and clearer . Angels remind you also that when you can be trusted to use discernment,  you can serve the universe in great ways .

Remember first nothing can grow or evolve without movement , if you stay the same there can be no surprises can they not , everyone wants life to be better but it always requires change and I am the worse to accept change but we have chosen have we not to incarnate into this physical dimension called earth because of the myriad of opportunities , if you don’t take advantage of them , then what would be the point? 

Remember with change comes transformation and with transformation comes evolution. We must stop viewing changes as good or bad really because ALL  changes nourish your SOUL .    

It’s supposed to happen , but you can

direct how it all plays out , YOU have the power to accept a change that redirects your path .

You  can call on serapis bey to move into your true self . Rise above any dark .. your light is YOU .

Let The door to our inner child open, apply your inner intuition , it’s exciting and powerful but to be respected and followed , not tamed .

Trust your inner child’s willingness to share it’s magic ,, trust me .

This month do your research,  remember your wisdom beyond ones years and adopt a new interest or passion then you can move on ,   shake off the old and welcome any new , always be kind to yourself through new transitions and maybe seek support from friends or family .

Call on archangel azrael  to help you move forward fearlessly and let go of the past .

Remember angels can guide you as new opportunities come your way , they guide you to wholeheartedly embrace new endeavours that may sometimes arise , keep in mind it’s always one they say you are ready for , go forward and DAZZLE .

This is the month to come into your own , the steps you take to improve will be on track and as you move forward choices are necessary but will be rewarded , this is an excellent hope for the future ,.

A great motivation is let go of the shore ,, enter the flow ,

All IS unfolding  and with greatest timing , when you enter the flow everything falls into place because you are not resisting the drifts , get the meaning or drift ( pardon the pun ) 🙂  .   Enjoy the ride and let the creator support you , let the universe flow through YOU . sometimes the way to move into the flow is through gratitude and appreciation and by allowing others and spirit to support and help you

Crystal of month AMBER

soothing to the emotions by bringing a sense of warmth and compassion. It clears and purifies energetic information that has a low-vibrational frequency by helping to raise the frequency or by bringing it into harmony.

One way that low vibrational frequency can show up in the physical body is through pain and inflammation. Amber is said to be a natural analgesic that worn against the skin can help reduce these symptoms. This is one reason that amber necklaces are popular for parents who are looking for more holistic ways to support babies during the teething process. It may help reduce the common symptoms related to teething such as; redness in the cheeks, swollen gums, diaper rashes and fevers. This is an ancient practice for European countries.

Amber has a strong connection to the Sun and as result stimulates a feeling of warmth and light with an overall sense of well-being.

Ancient Egyptians used pine resin as an embalming agent, and doctors in the Civil War, when supplies were low, would use tree sap on wounds as a disinfectant. Amber acts as a natural embalming agent and has both drying and anti-microbial properties.

When you wear Amber against your skin, your natural body heat helps release small amounts of oil from the amber, which then can be absorbed into the blood stream. Amber has been known to naturally reduce acidity in the human body.

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✽Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞ ॐ I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM ॐ Namaste¨`*.¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️

Jan burgess

(( angel falls )) xx

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