Ideas in perfect place

The same joy that it gives you to have your food supplies in their proper place in the pantry, and your tools in their accessible drawers or on their hooks, and your creative and technical resources ready to hand for use when inspired, is the Joy that it gives Source when all Its ideas (you! All!) are in their perfect places, perfectly enacting the Great Play forward. Trust that as easily as you can sort out the spare condiments or colored pencils, Source can sort out the awakening of all Its reflections, Its offspring. Willingly listen, gladly be guided, or re-guided if you have taken a step in the wrong direction.  Trust that Source can reveal realities and solutions you cannot yet comprehend, but meanwhile, do your part, and live Love, each daily direction with kindness and strength and compassion for the other actors in the Play. Source can See the whole pantry of time, and organize it well, ANGELS

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