A small test for your future

A test for you into your future

Firstly get a picture in mind what you want in future

Close your eyes

Deep Breathe in / out slowly x 3 times

Now in your mind see yourself walking and see some stairs in front of you

As you slowly walk towards them ascend one at a time and count each step 1-10 slowly

As you reach the top there’s a door to the right with a 1 on it

.. if you decide to take this door you see yourself 1 year ahead from now

The door right in front says 3 on it . If you choose this you are moving forward 3 years from now

The door to the left says 5 on it .. if you choose this you see 5 years ahead

Whatever door you choose open it . Step forward through the door

In front of you is a deep fog

As you move forward the fog gets thinner and thinner and thinner

As it clears

What do you see

Look around

Where are you living

What are you wearing

Really take in the surroundings

Really see and believe what you perceive for your future

After a moment there come back to your awareness .. open your eyes

And write down anything you felt- saw

Remember anything you saw / felt has changed perception and will happen because you want it


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