The dance and swirl of time is all good

In the stillness of early morning, or the evening rise of the moon, be quiet and calm with Me. It is not too soon to begin agreeing with Me that the most important thing you can do is to See that all was made at once, and that It is All Good. The dance and the mist of time that swirls around the Reality that is All Good would have you think there are many problems and unfulfilled potentials, but if you step with Me into the focus of timelessness for a few minutes each day, and try to See My Way, you will know that it is not so.

Be reassured, by these forays into the Divine perspective, and let them infuse you with such a sense of gratitude and and true perception of All being Love and Lovely, that you are filled with the Peace and Energy to be the delightful Being that you Truly Are.

Because I want this for you, It is already achieved. Visit your Self and See.


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