Divines will cannot be forced

If you think back over your life in a coolly observant way, you will see that certain people and circumstances were swirled into, or out of, your life, seemingly without any choice on your part. And if you set aside any human bewilderment, or annoyance at feeling lack of control in some situations, you can admit that the changes created Good for you, either immediately, or over time.

Trust Omniscience. Trust that is for your happiness and awakening to Spiritual Good. Do not toss people out of your life without the effort to see the Divine Good in them, but if they naturally move away from you or out of your everyday awareness, accept it and look to what Purpose is leading you to right now, right where you are, or where Source leads you to be.

Divines will cannot be forced, but It has Its Way in due time, in perfect time.


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