Pets are here on a soul level to help you

Your pets are with you for a reason. They are part of your team of guides; chosen on a Soul level to come to work closely with you in this lifetime. Their lessons are simple, yet profound. Unconditional love. An unbiased, non-judgemental ear to your woes. A snuggle just as you need one. Pets will even go as far as to help you heal on a physical level, taking on some of your dis-ease in order to save you pain and discomfort. They are aware of your feelings, and lend their support when you are upset or unwell. They are in your life to show you the value of Unconditional love and Christ consciousness; giving without expectation… well, except for the odd treat I suppose!

The bond between human and animal is strengthening as we move into our fifth dimensional consciousness. As we see the world as one, we feel a much deeper bond and appreciation for all other life on this planet, including Mother Gaia herself. Animals will come to work with us more and more; as messengers for the Universe. As you learn what to look for, and the synchronicity of seeing certain animal guides at particular times in your life, your bond with the elemental kingdom; the faeries and nature spirits will strengthen also.

There is a whole other world out there that has been waiting patiently for us to wake up. They now need our help just as much as we need theirs. Open your hearts and minds to the animal kingdom and witness the amazing energy they will bring into your life.


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