Spend time with Source today

            When you take a road trip, and you know the journey is projected to last seven hours, you will several times, along the way, assess the progress and the traffic, and say to yourself that now there is only another two hours to go, or note that you are halfway there.  And you may take extended pauses to enjoy a good meal or a lovely view, and choose to delay your arrival time, but you will still be thinking of the destination in the back of your mind.  And you will be aware that every hour you drive, you are one hour closer to your destination.  Or, if traffic has slowed, every mile you drive, you are one mile closer to where you want to be.

            , every hour you spend praying, you are one hour closer to God.

            Yes, there are those who have instant enlightenments, of the day or epiphanies that make certain hours and moments seem Golden, but for most, on most days, every hour you spend with the Heart and Mind is an hour that takes you closer to experiencing the fullness of God, to arriving at Unconditional Love.

            Spend time with Source today, Devote yourself to making progress on that journey, even while you enjoy whatever Love offers you along the way.


                                                                        We are riding with you,


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