You are appreciated

Beautiful good morning to ALL <<>> The energy you give to trying to be a better person each day is greatly appreciated. Know that that is true.

But also know that your feeling that you are nowhere near the Best of Self that you wish to be is NOT true. Those feelings are only part of the illusion of linear time, that makes you think you are not already the Wonderful reflection of a part of Divine Soul. Yes, We know that as you cope with and allow Soul to help you overcome the challenges and confusions of linear existence, inadequacies will feel like a real thing.

But take heart, for your true you really is of the very Good beamed directly from timeless Good Source . and constantly Knows that truth of you. Turn to that throughout the day, reminding yourself, “My Strength and Goodness come from beyond time, and flow to me always if I but accept them.”

God is watching over you as you dream you are less than Good, and Loving you absolutely and already.


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