Earth has become a place of instant gratification .. YOU yourself must focus on the saying * it’s not about the destination . It’s about the journey * . This message is saying this month you need to learn the JOY of anticipation because the process of DOING. Is so so rich in lessons , but when you concentrate only on the :goal: those experiences are disregarded . Life is an unfolding . And the more patience you practice . The more you will let the universal energy celebrate itself through you and bring the experiences and situations your soul requires .

We need to learn there is a rhythm to everything in the universe . The more we live with patience . The more aware we all are of the lessons our soul study’s . You are on a path . There are signposts . Remember too we are all presented with opportunities and are expected to flow with the currents that come our way .

Angels suggest that something is now been made available to you this month but it’s up to you to use it to your greatest advantage .

Be alert – be aware – be prepared .

You can of course make your own opportunities . If you knock on enough doors . One WILL inevitably open up for you .

You are reminded to persevere . For it may be that a door that was previously locked has now been opened a crack . Quite your mind and ask the angels to help you .

Look beneath the surface in your life and you.ll always find treasure . Bounty awaits you in many forms . The secret is the KNOWING that you deserve it and are worthy of it .. that what you thought was ordinary could turn out to be extra- ordinary . Take a second to look at the people in your life . Sometimes receiving treasure is simply seeing LIFE in a new way . The treasure was always there . You just didn’t see it .

On this journey we may confront dragons and overcome obstacles but in the process we discover the depth of the treasure in their soul . Sometimes when it seemed you faced that inner dragon you find the inner treasure . As you see the bounty in your life more and more rewards will follow . This month is a bountiful . Prosperous . Abundant time in your life . Illusions will be revealed and released with the moon energy and help us recognise that our life is a cycle that is always changing . You can be sure to be guided to see the wisdom these cycles bring . As we all go through phases and cycles of growth this energy supports us . This might be a phase of your life is coming to an end but it’s important to acknowledge it’s not : The end :

When one door closes remember another opens .. step into you warrior like energy and welcome the changes so deserve . This is an exciting time indeed ..

Asking guides what happens when entering a period of grief or pain and the answer is simple .. wether caused by something in past or present , your heart is ready to unburden pain and your soul is ready to grow from all these experiences .. our healer guides are always ready to assist in healing throughout these difficult times . Soothing helpers assure you that any present pain will transform into learning . This too will pass . Your JOY will return .

Always ask your healer guides to help lift your heart . And turn any loss of pain to their loving care then trust their council of lightbeings .. seek sources of help to help you through ..

Angels say you have every reason to feel hope and happy expectations ! Believe in your dreams and look to your future with optimism . Excitement and confidence because brighter times ARE ahead . Expectations you envision for yourself are then planted . Trust and follow your intuition as its right on target .

AA JOPHIEL is the angel of optimism who helps on a sunshiny outlook and attitude . Call on jophiel to help celebrate your victories and then stay optimistic about your future . Now then AA Gabriel too is the messenger angel who guides and supports new born creative projects . Call on AA Gabriel to help support and inspire creative ideas and give you courage and the opportunities to express them because this will bring big rewards .

EnJOY the beautiful things in life just KNOWing that YOU deserve to be wonderfully provided for .. because your a beautiful light .. to help you manifest a life for the highest good . We spirit invites you to examine your deepest desires . Imagine all your desires , no matter what kind , like magic seedpods in a basket , glowing with infinite potential . Look closely at each one . Are you afraid that some may bring you too much attention and invite negative reactions from others? Is change too daunting ? Are you afraid to stretch and grow ? Let yourself be led forward and let the seeds of positive intentions take to the wind .

Your desires count and you are worthy of them . They are essential for co- creating your world . Did you ever consider that when a desire comes from deep within you . It might be spirit here that is moving you to create something beautiful to share with others ? Some desires are infused with magical miraculous powers to move the heart and influence the world in ways you can’t possibly know . The spirit that is yours knows you and loves you so deeply and is so happy to support you .. xxx


Jade supports a strong connection between your dreams, desires, your willingness to be authentic, and your need to control. It can help you to manifest more prosperity, relationships and well-being in your life.

Jade is a unique stone for connecting the Heart and Solar Plexus Energy Centers and beginning the process of aligning them. It has a no-nonsense way of supporting this enhancement because of the strong connection to the Mental Energy Body.

Jadeʼs role is to clear away emotional energies that are clouding a situation. One interesting observation is that it appears to push away past emotional experiences that are irrelevant to what is happening in the moment. This is a very healthy process since you live in a time when you are more accustomed to using the past to predict future outcomes instead of allowing the past to become part of your background landscape. Jade supports tapping into the energies of self-trust. It helps you to know that you are resourceful enough to engage in whatever is presented and that you can sense what is right or what is wrong for you.

The good news about a strong heart to solar plexus connection is that it aligns your true desire with your capacity to be open, vulnerable and authentic in any given situation. If you are someone who constantly tries to influence and control the people around you because you want to be viewed in a particular light, Jade can help you connect with the futility of that effort. Additionally, it can help you connect with the much more powerful energies of being yourself and being real. This is not an easy transition if you commit yourself to performing for the sake of others, but the supported change is well worth the effort.

Once you become more aware of your desires and link them to your Authentic Self, you will find it much easier to create healthy relationships, opportunities and prosperity in your life. When you master this connection, your ability to manifest will feel like magic. You will notice doors opening at just the right time. Opportunities will feel like they appear on your command. Many experience this as “good luck.” However, taking on that perspective can diminish the results since it does not promote the fact that you are responsible for creating the life of your dreams and desires. Own it!

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✽Ⓛⓞⓥⓔ In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞ ॐ I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM ॐ Namaste¨`*.¸.•*¨*.¸¸.•*¨`*•(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️

Jan burgess

(( angel falls )) xx

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