Treat everything as sacred

Notice that a strong, unseen web of energy connects all of humanity and life forms. The circle or web of life is forever connecting everything at soul level. We tap into it whenever we express genuine, unconditional love in the heart. The nature of love we feel and share is felt in the aura which literally means breeze of flowing energy. The energy body is a bio-plasmic extension of your physical body that consists of many layers of vibrational life force. It merges with, nourishes, and protects your physical form. The more you love, the higher your vibration, the stronger and more direct is your connection to source and the deeper the compassion you feel for all things. As we grow aware and work through all that is essential for our soul growth, each of us is also slowly weaving a web of a new universe with golden threads from within ourselves. To dissolve karmic threads helps you recognize you are not only a cosmic wizard but have the web-spinning ability of a cosmic spider. A related Buddhist teaching tells us we have been every other being in other lifetimes. To truly live consciously is recognize yourself in the mirror of all things and to treat everything as sacred. To love everything in the web of life is to love yourself fully.

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