Chi ball healings distantly

Sending on for you to recieve when you call it in ,, Reiki Healing Chi Balls created specifically for those of you in need of regular healing who lead busy life’s, with this service no appointment times are needed , your Healing Chi Ball is created and sent to you , The Chi Ball is one of the most simple and effective ways of sending healing energies . It is simple because it is my own energy and intent which fills the Chi Ball. My intent creates its color, size and everything which goes into it, it is in effect created and programmed to address your own specific healing needs. Once created it is completely separated from my auric energy field and is then ready to be released out into the universe ready for you to call in at a time of your choosing. Just breathe , relax and call in when ready 

This method of sending healing energies does not require a specific appointment time ,it is if you like a living entity, created with you in mind, it stands on its own and is programmed to work with you in a very specific manner, much like having a spell cast for you. The method is use to create ensures that only pure healing energies are sent, during the creation of your Healing Chi Ball it is cleansed, purified and made perfect. It is also convenient as it does not require a specific appointment time and can be received at a time which is suitable for you, ENJOY  the healing energies xx 


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