BE the silent giver to someone TODAY

            A wonderful exercise to experience is to pray for someone else throughout the day.

            Choose one.  It might be a friend or love.  It might be a stranger or someone who annoys you.  Then, simply thank Universe for giving that person Life from Spirit, and ask that Universe Help them know their Blessings.

            Leave the manifestations to Universe , Just simply, and throughout the day, focus for a moment here and there, “Bless them.”  And go through your hours being aware that you can help bring Light to a life, and to the world, by these prayer minutes and intentions that you silently give, like a shining of the sun.

                                                            Be the silent giver to someone today.  Give prayer.


Remember the bigger picture

Globally, we are undergoing a massive shift of consciousness, and no matter what is going on for each of us on a personal level, we must honour this collective process. The best way to do this is to get outside and get grounded back to our Great Mother, Gaia. Breathing in some fresh air, connecting with the trees, the plants, the birds and the animals brings us back to the present moment. It helps us to detach from any drama and put things into perspective; it also helps us to remember our part in the bigger picture. This should be a regular ritual for you, going into the forest or to the beach to reconnect and take some time to reflect and recharge your energy. 

Know that by doing so, you will be able to meet your life fully present, with clarity, balance and peace.

And so it is


Golden LOVE

            The Real Truth of what you are is like a ball of Golden Light in the Mind of Source

            Picture that.  Imagine that, and feel that Loving Golden Light.

            And when you are feeling really Loved, and really Light, picture those you most care about in Golden balls of Light as well.  And when you feel strong, or when you feel the most beautiful picture all of humanity as Golden balls of Light, joined together in the Mind of Source . Hold that image as long as, and as often as, you can.

            All is Light.  All is Love, and there is plenty of Golden Love to go around.  Let It do Its Work.

                                                            It Inspires, It Creates, and It is always on the job,


BE grateful in ADVANCE

            When your responsibilities to Universe and to the Best of your Self, become more important to you than anything else, much of what you focus on will change.  When your Love for Source becomes greater than any human relationship of love, your perspectives and experiences will rise to a new level of wonder and expectation.  Human love will then mean much less to you on a material level, but more to you on a recognition of the Godliness of every individual spirit identity.

            as these changes occur, all that has meant so much before will shift in your consciousness.  Even more drastically than learning to walk, or going through adolescence, the Spiritual Knowing of who you are will change your entire Divine Understanding of Life.

            Be grateful in advance that you have always been Guided within by Loving Soul, and that you will always be, and are, even now.  Practice Gratefully turning to It, as all that you see and know seems to change around you.

                                                            You are changing from within,  and it is Good,


Peace / balance / world healing

This is the Sanskrit word for universal peace and the sound brings balance and peace. Feel the symbol dissolve into your crown and move through all the chakras to the root… say “Om” and visualize the symbol again and again… till a feel of peace and balanced is received.

Now you are going to release this energy to the world:

Raise your hands outstretched to shoulder height and visualize the symbol “Reiki-Rainbows”.

This ancient symbol is also know as Indalo light found it many different cultures around the world and is a sign of the Shaman who can read the signs in the world around them to predict the weather and future events.

It is a symbol of openness and embracing all. Feel the energy connect from palm to palm in a rainbow arch over your crown and send this symbol now out into the world in an ever wider rainbow arch that expands from you to assist in world healing and peace in your lifetime.