Love your light


When you see your own brilliant light, you automatically see it in others.

When you be your own brilliant light, your world lights up like a firework display.

When you live your light, only magic can happen. We each have a choice to make in life.

To always come back to the light… or not. We are always going to take journeys into the dark side, as that is where magic can happen, but it is totally up to you whether you stay there and for how long.

Close your eyes now and imagine a brilliant beam of light coming out of you, in all directions, lighting you up from within and all around you.

Feel the warmth and magnificence of this light, this feeling, this epicness.

That is YOU! How freaking amazing right? And you have access to this beaming ray of holy wow anytime you like.

Do that every day so you remember the truly powerful light that is you.


“I see my light. I am my light. I live my light”

Light up your world, light up the world.

Namaste ✨🙏❤️

Blessing from universe

A blessing from the Universe softly settles upon you; It is angels whispering in your ear. It is the swish of wings, the caress of a subtle breeze across your face. It is the dream that you remember perfectly when you wake, only to have it fade into sepia tones by mid afternoon; a remembered feeling, the details blurred and fuzzy. An angelic embrace; one of safety, love and support guiding you on.

Time is but an illusion; the lessons you are to learn are there, hidden in the patterns in your life. The patterns that lift you up and the patterns that threaten to drive you mad. The angels wish you to bless and release these patterns, see that you can be gentle with yourself in doing so. See your own Divinity. See your own deep connection to All That Is.

Simplify; receive; Allow yourself to Be.

Suspended by love. Fully supported. Absolutely, breathlessly, perfectly.



A little quiet time each day

Guides are with you, but Your guides does not force your choices in the earth play.  We say this often because so many do not seem to understand that giving just a little time each day, and a little handing over of your human will to Sources Will, makes a huge difference in every day and every choice and every possibility.

            Try it.  Just a little quiet time each day to say, “High Guidance of the Light, help me, set me right.”

            And feel the Love welling up in you.


Set dials high

Set Your Dials Up High 

You have the ability to regulate your energy, moods, finances, and many other areas of your life. Just as you’d adjust the temperature in your house or refrigerator by changing the settings, you can do the same with yourself. 

Imagine that you have a switch within you like your home heating system, which corresponds to something in your life that you’d like to improve. By picturing yourself turning the knob upward (as you would do to control the room temperature), you send an important signal to the universe. 

By setting your dials up high, you take charge of the situation. You decide what’s acceptable, and you firmly fix your intentions in that direction. Your crystal clear decisions bring about action faster than any amount of money could buy for you. These choices are worth more than a college degree or other earthly measure of success. 

Clearly decide what you want, and crank up your dials today in the direction of your desired outcomes. 

Thought for Today 

I take charge of my life and turn up the intensity of goodness. I set my dials on harmony, abundance, perfect health, loving relationships, wonderful opportunities, and everything else
that my heart desires. I follow my guidance and keep my arms open to receive.

Honour the light in each other

We have prayed before with you about pondering the glimmers of Good you can find in anybody, and about honoring the Light in each as you meet, and those practices are always important , But today truly try to cover ALL lingering or new annoyances, and turn to heal or correct all,

                                                                                                This is important.



ANGELS MESSAGE FOR NEW YEAR , month of January 2021

The common sayings “Be in the world but not of it “. And “ wear the world loosely “ Refer to the need to be engaged with life while not being attached to specific outcomes , Do not take this world as it is now too seriously for YOU are one of many co- creators here to play and we have many ideas about how all this should play out .

Just KNOW the outcome doesn’t matter so much as the presence you bring to each experience and how you let yourself flow through life , there’s a real freedom in KNOWING and accepting this . It’s always your choice , have the courage to live as you are meant too ,

This year we are given new opportunities to do things from a different perspective . Trust in this new opportunity for rebirth . Go ahead and wish upon a star ✨ believe in your dreams and look to your future with optimism , excitement and confidence , make your plans with the long view in mind and envision it how you want it to be , these expectations you create then for yourself are planted in fertile soil . TRUST and follow your intuition as it’s right on target .

Share any feelings with someone close to you because the conclusion you reach now will greatly influence your future ,

All humans are created from the same source but there are some souls that share a unique kinship . This can be the most beautiful experience on earth , but can also be heartbreaking . Understand that everyone in your path is here to teach you something . Together you will teach each other various lessons .

Learn to have fun . Don’t neglect things that bring you joy or make you laugh ,

Listen to your intuition, what is it telling you, Dear One? This is how we speak to you, through your Heart, directly from your Soul. We guide you with gentle reminders, soft nudges and whispers of longing. When you aren’t listening, our requests become more urgent, not to be ignored. Know that whatever you believe yourself to have, is nothing compared to what we have in store for you. Your future is bright with adventure and wonder… if only you will let go and make space for it now.

You are turning the pages to a new chapter in your life; why keep reading the same old material over and over again when the story is just about to soar into magical realms that you will miss if you don’t have the courage to turn the page?

You are the hero of this story.

You are the star.

You are the magician.

You are the magic.

You are free.



As the old saying goes, “if you can talk, you can sing.”

Amazonite is the ideal stone to help you find your voice—not clouded by ego and fear and expectations—and sing from the heart (even when you’re whispering). Get into Amazonite and get into your truest self.

First and foremost, Amazonite is a stone of loving communication. That little voice talking in your head right now? It should be nicer to you. Start communicating with honesty and courage and watch how fast you start attracting boys and girls who actually want to hear what you’re saying.

Feeling a little out of touch? Meditating with Amazonite placed on your upper heart can level you out and keep you happily afloat on the turquoise river of self. Like Amethyst, it’s nice to have around when a cleanse is in order. Think: liver, contact list, living room. It’s also good to keep around the bedroom, or wherever else you might light the Dyptique candle, put on the D’Angelo record, and do your thing.

A final note is whatever your plans ahead . Abundant blessings for 2021, and much gratitude for another year sharing and caring

Stay safe

In Lak`ech Ala K`ìn WE ARE ALL ONE ۞
I Am. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. OM
(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)❤️❤️❤️



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Prepare to close doors

As the end of 2020 is nearing we have one last chance to kick anything to the curb that has been holding us back. It’s time to de-clutter every aspect of ourselves and our lives, making space for the new. Tie up all the loose ends. Donate all that is no longer of use to you. Scrub your house til it shines. Cleanse your body by drinking extra water and simplifying your diet, add lots of fruits and veggies, skip the meats, processed foods and dairy. Smudge! Exercise. Have a long sea salt bath. Cut ties with toxic people. Throw away limiting thoughts. Release worries and fears that are keeping you looping through the same patterns of lack.

Practice some deep breathing and make sure you EXHALE all that old air OUT!

Put away the holiday ornaments, donate any gifts you won’t use. Purge your closet. Make room!

There is a kick ass future on it’s way to you. Are you ready for it? Treat it as if you are throwing an elegant ball in your very own home and everything has to be just so in order to welcome your guests.

Prepare to close the door on the 2020 and throw 2021 s door open wide.

Here with January’s reading New Year’s Day .