Know this

Important encounters are planned long before the bodies see each other.


Be open to accept help

As adults, we often feel we must take it all on ourselves. Either we don’t want to inconvenience anyone else, or we feel that if we want something done properly, we must do it ourselves. In this circumstance, neither of these ideals are true. We have asked and asked for help in the form of prayer and now the help is here, we must surrender to it. If this means allowing even a complete stranger to help you out, so be it. You are allowing them to pay it forward, which is a gift in itself. By receiving the help offered, you are raising both your own vibration through the relief of having the assistance, and the helpers vibration by allowing them to feel of service; needed or wanted. It’s the perfect “win-win” give and take.

The best way to attract help to you is by starting the ball rolling yourself. Help someone else! The Law Of Attraction and your angels and guides will bring your “helpers” to you exactly when you need them. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to make someone else’s day!


Call on archangel Michael

There are times when all of us experience feelings of being unsafe. In such moments, we allow our thoughts to rein over us and create monsters that scare the hell out of us. These monsters are usually of our own making but it is hard to see this truth when gripped by fear.

Feelings of fear and lack of safety are all vibrations in our energy field. We have the power to heal them by connecting with the part of us that is well grounded, safe and free from fear.

The energies of the mighty Archangel Michael resonate with strength and courage. Michael represents that aspect of Source (or God) that reflects safety, strength, purity and courage. By connecting with Michael, we allow the same aspect in us to grow stronger. In addition, we can also use the Reiki symbols.

Here are some ways that you can invoke protection and gain strength whenever you feel unsafe.

Chanting/ Singing

The moment you notice feelings of being unsafe taking over you, chant or sing Michael’s name and connect with his energy. This is not done as worship. The intention is to connect with Michael’s energy and to thereby get in touch with the aspect in us that represents courage and strength.

Home Protection

If you ever feel unsafe at home, either because you live alone or because you have other kinds of irrational fears, you can call on Michael to watch over your home. This is especially powerful when done before bedtime. It can help you sleep in peace. Just before drifting off to sleep, call on Michael and request him to surround your house with his presence. Visualise him standing at the front door and at the back door. Then visualise him standing by the left of your house and also on the right. You will be able to sense his powerful energy envelop your house. Give thanks and fall asleep in peace.

Outside Protection

If you are travelling or going to a place that makes you feel unsafe, request Michael to accompany you. All you need to do is say these words before you get going. “Dear Archangel Michael, Please accompany me. Please protect me and help me feel safe. Thank you for your presence.” You can also do this when you find yourself walking or driving alone in an isolated place. You can do this on an aeroplane if flying makes you nervous. You may sense a warm presence beside you or just know that Michael is with you. Irrespective of whether you feel anything or not, calling on Michael will bring his energy to your side. All you need to do is trust.

Protection for Children

Children are often afraid of darkness, monsters and the like. But the good thing is that they are also more receptive to divine energies when compared to adults. Let your children know about Archangel Michael. Show them some pictures of Michael from the internet or from your set of oracle cards. Tell them that they can call on Michael any time they feel afraid and that he will be right there to take care of them. If it is a younger child, you can call on Michael on the child’s behalf. Do this loudly so the child hears what you are saying and feels reassured. If your children are older and have begun to move around independently, you can request Michael to accompany them and to keep them safe.

Symbol Protection

Apart from calling on Michael, you can also invoke the Reiki symbols. Third degree practitioners can visualise the symbol Dai Ko Myo in front of them. Dai Ko Myo represents truth, light and power. Visualise it over your house at night. Visualise it surrounding your house on all four sides. Second degree practitioners can use Sei He Ki or all three symbols. Chant the names of the symbols for a deeper connection. First degree practitioners can just visualise a blanket of Reiki enveloping them, their house, vehicle etc.

May the energy of Archangel Michael be with you always ☺

Can you see the five elements

. Gaze deeply into the image above and let it soak right into your Soul. There you have the spirals, there you have the love and the light. Can you see the five elements? Can you feel the unlimited potential and the absolute joy and lightness of Being? There is protection here too, in the elementals that surround you, the fae, the beings of light. Here you feel safe, you feel powerful and you feel connected. There is so much beauty here, so much light.

Anything is possible. Can you feel it?

Can you Be it?




This has been a challenging year for many, a year of opening up, of releasing the old, and about making room for the new. December is no exception… so close we are to saying goodbye to 2019 and yet here we are with one final challenge. Change is upon us one last time before we embark on our journey into the new year. Oya signals the kind of change that is coming whether we like it or not. She is a storm that we can decide to batten down the hatches and wait it out, we can hide in the basement and hope that it doesn’t find us, or we can surrender to it’s vast power and know that everything will work out in perfect Divine order.

So, not only do we have the holiday season almost upon us, but we have some final releasing and shedding of old belief systems, old outmoded fears and doubts, and patterns of pain and hurt in our lives. If we are honest with ourselves and see what really needs to change; what has needed to change for quite some time now… then we can work together with the great Goddess Oya and co-create this change with her assistance. If we choose to live in our old dense vibration, and shy away from the change for fear of failure based on past experiences… she may just drag us kicking and screaming into our new beginning!

Co-creator sounds better to me! How about you?

Acknowledge the change and your part in it. Take responsibility for the past, then cut it free. Step into the future with bold authenticity, hand in hand with the Goddess.

Change is on it’s way.

It’s a good thing.

Embrace it.


There are the waking dreams—those active desires, goals set, milestones, and new heights yet to be summited. And there are the dreams of sleep. And while it can be easy to lose sight of both—the alarm clock always rings and life always happens—working with super chill Blue Calcite can keep your dreams clearer and closer so you can act on them like a boss.

For the creatively inclined, Blue Calcite stimulates the imagination, encouraging you to see beyond the limitations of time, space, physics, and fear. Stress is the enemy of creativity. We know this because David Lynch said so. From a place of calm where ideas can flow—instead of two-stepping at the wrong end of the barrel of a deadline shotgun—you can tap into an ever-replenishing wellspring of creativity. If it’s not totally clear: You are the water in that well, dude. Drink up the self and stay cool, clear, and clean with Blue Calcite. Then, throw back a chaser of Honey Calcite to see those dreams through to reality.

After dark, Blue Calcite empowers you to harvest—and retain—those messages, symbols, and signs that come in while your operating system is shut down for the night. If your mother ever told you, “nothing good happens after midnight,” place Blue Calcite under your pillow and REBEL!

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ॐ Namaste
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Stressed to blessed

It’s so easy to get swept up in our emotions and have them ruin your whole day. One minute everything is going well, you are running on time, and the next minute you are stuck in traffic, you are late, and you are MAD!!! Then you rush in to your doctor’s appointment only to find that you have to wait another hour, which throws off your whole day. It builds up until you experience stress, the cortisol pumping through your veins and you are thinking negative thoughts about how everything always goes wrong and how could this stuff only happen to you. It can have many scenarios, but it’s the feeling that makes the difference. If we can stop, breathe and go with the flow, like it or not, if we can’t actually change the situation, we still live through the same thing, but we feel so much different. We don’t let it snow ball into “one of those days” we nip those low vibrational negative energies in the bud and keep breathing.

So, how do you go from “stressed to blessed”? Well, you breathe when you want to scream, you look at your situation and find the humor in it, you let it slide off you and you keep on keeping on. Easier said than done? That’s when you ask for some help! Send a beacon of thanks out. Expressing gratitude instantly shifts your perspective from “feeling sorry for the lot you have been given in life” to.. graciousness. Call in your angels, ask for help in transmuting negative thoughts to positive, ask for a jump start in the vibrational department. It works. Promise! Archangel Michael is usually my go to Archangel for “emergencies” concerning my head feeling like it’s about to pop off due to stress… but any of your angels, in fact, the one who just popped into your head is the right one, you can never get that wrong!

Imagine a big energetic vacuum cleaner swooping down from heaven and literally sucking up all that icky low vibrational negative energy like a big black storm cloud hanging out over your head… whoosh it’s gone!! Then imagine a rainbow of bright shimmery light coming down straight through your crown chakra right through all your chakras and through your feet into the Earth. Breathe. Tip your head back, palms open and receive all that big loving energy. Then put a smile on your face and go make someone’s day. It’s a whole lot better than stressing now isn’t it?


It is time

You have been weighing your options for quite some time now; and it has come to a standstill…. mind vs heart. What to do? The heart knows, and the mind fears. The heart yearns and the mind justifies. It is an endless dance; a spiraling circular waltz of polarities.

But now, it is time to make a choice. It is time to release the fears and step boldly into the unknown. Only you can choose for you. Only you know what your heart whispers.

This is not a time for advice, it is a time for introspection. It is a time of trust and self acceptance. It is a deep knowing that the choice you are making is a life-altering one. It is not to be taken lightly, but it is to be made.

It is time Dear One. Take heart and know that once you do decide the Universe will assist you and everything will fall into place. The only obstacle now is your own fear.

Release it now.

Move forward fearlessly.

You’ve got this.