Let the shining soul of YOU be happy

Believe I want to see you enjoy human happiness.  Believe it, accept it and allow it.


            But be aware that what may come is that there are changes in what makes you happy.  You may find yourself happy, even now, with what you have, and with unfolding days that are different than you have imagined, rather than what is stuck in your mind from the past.

            Can you accept a new definition of human happiness?  Can you open your heart?

            can you let the shining Soul of you simply be happy with My Love?


                                                            For I Love Loving you.





Make a commitment to YOU *✨❤️

This message is about commitment, but not commitment as we typically understand it. This is not a message about giving ourselves over to another; it is not a message of compromise. This is a message of commitment to yourself; your life and your journey. It is a commitment to finding answers, to decoding ancient mysteries and to accessing ancient wisdom. It is a message of commitment to our life purpose, alignment to our Soul and connection to the Divine. 

Make a commitment to spend some time alone. Being in the present moment, comfortable in your own presence. This is not a time to rely on others to guide us, but a time to find the answers we seek within ourselves. It is a time to let go of the old ways of seeing ourselves in the world and make space for something beautiful and expansive and new. 

It is a time to trust in ourselves, have faith that we are capable and be curious about why exactly we are here, now. It is a time of receptivity and embracing possibility. It is committing to this next stage in our spiritual development, another welcomed rite of passage on this amazing experience we call Life.


Turn to thoughts

            We emphasize, turn to thoughts of love

            No matter what your human needs of the day, the connections can and will come to solve them.  Do not attach to just how they get sorted out, please just turn to the Thoughts of “All things work together for the Good, for those that Love ”believe and trust

            If you seem to experience lack or loss in some way, be grateful in advance that the Infinite will make it up to you in another way.  Infinite Resources are part of what Source is.  Just Love and listen and trust in I . Source Voice, and All, All is Well.

            All is Well, for you are already a Perfect Spirit


                                                                                                And SO it IS

So loving you

each day remember you are guided and led to the tasks and actions and words that most benefit your own at-one-ment with Good, and the alignment with Good of those around you. There is great freedom in giving control of your schedule over to Source and then performing whatever you are called to do with Order and Love and Wisdom. Source provides the Order and Love and Wisdom to flow through you as you work. Just be open and willing to give what you want to receive. So Loving you,


All about faith

You have everything you need in order to move forward. All the old excuses that you use in order to protect yourself from the new are no longer valid. Procrastination is no longer an option. The Universe is calling. Are you listening?

It’s so easy to put your life on hold while you try to fix the things you think are holding you back. Only to realize that you, in fact, are holding yourself back. It’s not about the money, or the weight loss, or the health improvement. It’s not about getting approval or validation from others. This is about believing in yourself and your abilities. It’s about acknowledging all the skills you possess, and all the inner wisdom. It’s about knowing you are worthy by fully accepting and loving yourself. It’s about knowing that everything will fall into place as soon as you take that first step.

Really, it’s all about faith.


Anything and everything really is possible

This message encompasses everything we have been asked over the last couple of weeks, truth, clearing and protection. The more layers of illusion we shed, the more we reveal our true authentic selves. This is a process as we have had our masks and deceptions over many lifetimes. Very few of us live our lives in perfect truth, but we can strive to get there. We can slowly peel back one layer at a time and allow the light in. 

This may feel like a vulnerable process and it is advised to surround yourself with a cloak of protection while you shed the layers and find your inner power. Once this process is complete you will find that your own pure light of Divine Truth will protect you, radiating out and not allowing any density to stick to you. Lower vibrational people and entities may be attracted to your light, but they will not be able to tap into it or take it from you. Just as the sun can radiate out it’s energy through light and warmth, but we cannot drain the sun of it’s vitality. 

Dive down deep into each and every belief you have about yourself, look at where it came from, why you hold it and whether you need it now. You will find that you most likely don’t need any of that old stuff and it is much more suitable to you to approach things now with an open curiosity instead. Treat each experience as if it is brand new and see how things change when you don’t set preconceived limits on outcomes. 

This is when anything and everything really does become possible. 

Open heart and open mind embracing opportunity.


Again and again

Again and again, you have found inspiration, comfort and solace, and ideas and solutions for the dream-events, by spending your first waking moments knowing and pondering the Truth of your Self as a wondrous and Beloved Idea dancing in the Mind of Source , Again and again you have proved this.

            So, do so again today.  Whether It seems far off, or you sense It very near, whether the world concerns seem small or large, the remembrance of Who You Are, One within is always the Good that Solves

            Take Grace for yourself today.  Be willing to fully receive today, as It takes your Consciousness, and awakens you again, not from earthly sleep, but from the sleep of the Soul.


                                                                        Your Divine Self has been saved and safe all along,