The universe reflects back

       UNIVERSE always has something exciting to share . You are a manifesting master and most don’t even know it . There will always be enough of everything in your life that you need . Money .. opportunities . Kindness.. love . Whatever you ask guidance about have faith and be open . SPIRIT has your back , the UNIVERSE is always reflecting back to you what you BELIEVE, whenever you fall into insecurity you be be shown an illusion as if your fear were real , the truth is the universe is abundant . You are and always have been enough, abundance is your natural state of BEing , if you can imagine something consistently as TRUTH, then you CAN and WILL create it .. simple .. 

                 You are soooooo on the right path right now ,. Keep believing . Then the seeing HAPPENS

See the beauty in everything

You have planted many seeds over the last several months. Prayers have been sent out into the Universe. Wishes have been made to the stars. Dreams have been dreamed both awake and asleep. The Universe is like an anonymous lover, tiptoeing up to your door with a huge bouquet of flowers. You have no idea what is coming, yet there is anticipation, expectation and delight in your thoughts. Something wonderful is about to happen… yet, we cannot control what it is, who it involves, or how or when it will take place. Like a child waiting for Christmas morning, it could feel like it’s taking way too long. However, in the overall scheme of things… Universal timing is everything. And the Universe prevails.

How can we possibly prepare ourselves for what is about to take place? Find joy in what’s happening now. Find that sweet spot of peace and tranquility, no matter where you happen to be at in your life right now. Maybe things are not the way that you would love them to be, but you can decide to find things that make you smile every single day. And guess what? The more you look for things to make you smile, the more of them you will attract… almost effortlessly. The only effort required on your part is receptivity and the decision to dive inwards instead of seek outwards for peace and balance. And the decision to embrace what is yours and what is coming, flaws, mistakes, lacks and all.

The fountain of youth is finding the joy that a small child feels in exploring the world. It is the fascination with the path of an ant up close, or the shapes of the clouds or the flight of a bird. It is looking deeply into your pet’s eyes and taking in all that love they are sending you. It is not being afraid to say “I love you” more often, to accept a different point of view, or to learn something new. It is being inspired to try something brand new, that you might not be good at, but doing it anyway. It is about getting your feet wet and your hands dirty and your hair wildly out of place. It’s about seeing the beauty in everything that is always there, we just have to remember to look.

And it’s seeing it in yourself… overflowing.

Hold space for your own amazing Divinity and the miracles will follow.


The dance and swirl of time is all good

In the stillness of early morning, or the evening rise of the moon, be quiet and calm with Me. It is not too soon to begin agreeing with Me that the most important thing you can do is to See that all was made at once, and that It is All Good. The dance and the mist of time that swirls around the Reality that is All Good would have you think there are many problems and unfulfilled potentials, but if you step with Me into the focus of timelessness for a few minutes each day, and try to See My Way, you will know that it is not so.

Be reassured, by these forays into the Divine perspective, and let them infuse you with such a sense of gratitude and and true perception of All being Love and Lovely, that you are filled with the Peace and Energy to be the delightful Being that you Truly Are.

Because I want this for you, It is already achieved. Visit your Self and See.


Law of attraction

Sometimes it’s easier to boil the Law of Attraction down to the simplest, most concentrated concepts. What is it that you truly want to create? Why do you want to create it? The answer lies in the paring down of the Why. For example, if you want to attract love or money, why do you want to attract these things? You may want to attract love because you are feeling lonely and you want to share your life with someone; you may fear being alone; you may want to experience a deeper connection. Find the simple reason you want love…. how would it make you feel to find this love? There is your answer. Joyful, happy, peaceful, content, fulfilled, passionate, harmonious could be some of your answers. Same goes with prosperity. How would it make you feel to have lots of money, or at least how to you think you would feel as there may be a discrepancy there between how we view money and how it actually feels to have it. Maybe you perceive that having money would allow you feel carefree, safe, secure, joyful, peaceful and successful for example. 

Now, use your magnetic powers to pull your vibration up to match the vibration of the feelings that you want to create. It may take some work. It will take commitment and dedication. And it may take a healthy dose of positive affirmations. But you can get there. You can put it out there in just a few words, thoughts, and most importantly feelings. What you want to create is linked directly to how you would feel if you had it. The bridge being how you feel right now in starting the manifestation process.

Simple right?

Once you get good and clear on how you want to feel, you will relinquish all control to the Universe. You will watch for signs, messages and synchronicity. You will ask for guidance. You will gleefully anticipate the end result without being able to see what it will look like…

Only knowing that you will feel joyful, happy, peaceful, fulfilled, passionate, harmonious….

and full of Love.

And so it is


Divines will cannot be forced

If you think back over your life in a coolly observant way, you will see that certain people and circumstances were swirled into, or out of, your life, seemingly without any choice on your part. And if you set aside any human bewilderment, or annoyance at feeling lack of control in some situations, you can admit that the changes created Good for you, either immediately, or over time.

Trust Omniscience. Trust that is for your happiness and awakening to Spiritual Good. Do not toss people out of your life without the effort to see the Divine Good in them, but if they naturally move away from you or out of your everyday awareness, accept it and look to what Purpose is leading you to right now, right where you are, or where Source leads you to be.

Divines will cannot be forced, but It has Its Way in due time, in perfect time.


Pets are here on a soul level to help you

Your pets are with you for a reason. They are part of your team of guides; chosen on a Soul level to come to work closely with you in this lifetime. Their lessons are simple, yet profound. Unconditional love. An unbiased, non-judgemental ear to your woes. A snuggle just as you need one. Pets will even go as far as to help you heal on a physical level, taking on some of your dis-ease in order to save you pain and discomfort. They are aware of your feelings, and lend their support when you are upset or unwell. They are in your life to show you the value of Unconditional love and Christ consciousness; giving without expectation… well, except for the odd treat I suppose!

The bond between human and animal is strengthening as we move into our fifth dimensional consciousness. As we see the world as one, we feel a much deeper bond and appreciation for all other life on this planet, including Mother Gaia herself. Animals will come to work with us more and more; as messengers for the Universe. As you learn what to look for, and the synchronicity of seeing certain animal guides at particular times in your life, your bond with the elemental kingdom; the faeries and nature spirits will strengthen also.

There is a whole other world out there that has been waiting patiently for us to wake up. They now need our help just as much as we need theirs. Open your hearts and minds to the animal kingdom and witness the amazing energy they will bring into your life.